E.G. White's Visions teach doctrines that are
absurd, inconsistent and contradictory to the Bible

Giants existed from the beginning of creation

"Those who lived before the flood came forth with their giant-like stature, more than twice as tall as men now living . The generations after the flood, were less in stature. There was a continual decrease through successive generations down to the last that lived upon the earth." (Spiritual Gifts, Volume 3, p.84).

According to the American Tract Societies Bible Dictionary, in an article on Giants, it states: "If we judge from the mummies of Egypt and from arms and implements of the earliest antiquity found in ancient tombs, in bogs, and in buried cities, we should conclude that mankind (as a whole) never exceeded in the average, their present stature."

Enters non-existent temple

"I saw an angel swiftly flying to me. He carried me from the earth to the Holy City . In the city I saw a temple which I entered ." (Experience and Views, p.16).

The Bible says in Revelation 21:22 , "And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it."

Sin against the Holy Spirit

She has taught in a suppressed vision that to speak against her visions is to sin against the Holy Ghost:

"I saw the state of some who stood on the present truth, but disregarded the visions, the way God had chosen to teach in some cases those who erred from Bible truth. I saw that in striking against the visions they did not strike against the worm the feeble instrument that God spake through, but against the Holy Ghost . I saw that it was a small thing to speak against the instrument, but it was dangerous to fight the words of God . I saw that if they were in error and God chose to show them their errors through visions, they would be left to take their own way and run in the way of error, and think they were right until they would find it out too late. Then in the time of trouble I heard them cry to God in agony. Why didst thou not show us our wrong that we might have got right and been ready for this time. Then an angel pointed to them and said, 'My Father taught but you would not be taught. He spoke through visions but you disregarded his voice and he gave you up to your own ways, to be filled with your own doings'." (Visions published at Topsham, by James White Jan. 31, 1849).

Why was this awful penalty for rejecting these visions not published with the rest of the vision in 'Experience and Views'? Is it because it is not as great a sin to reject them now as then? Why was it suppressed if it was the word of God ?

Proper Prayer Position

According to Ellen White the proper prayer position is ALWAYS kneeling :

"I have received letters questioning me in regard to the proper attitude to be taken by a person offering prayer to the Sovereign of the universe. Where have our brethren obtained the idea that they should stand upon their feet when praying to God? One who has been educated for about five years in Battle Creek was asked to lead in prayer before Sister White should speak to the people. But as I beheld him standing upright upon his feet while his lips were about to open in prayer to God, my soul was stirred within me to give him an open rebuke . Calling him by name, I said, " Get down upon your knees . This is the proper position always ." (Selected Messages, Volume 2, p.311).

"Both in public and private worship, it is our duty to bow down before God when we offer our petitions to Him." (Selected Messages, Vol. 2, p.311).

"To bow down when in prayer to God is the proper attitude to occupy." Selected Messages, Vol. 2, p.312).

Well, maybe not always...

"We must pray constantly, with a humble mind and a meek and lowly spirit. We need not wait for an opportunity to kneel before God. We can pray and talk with the Lord wherever we may be." (Selected Messages, Volume 3, p.266).

"It is not always necessary to bow upon your knees in order to pray. Cultivate the habit of talking with the Saviour when you are alone, when you are walking, and when you are busy with your daily labor." (The Ministry of Healing, pp.510, 511).

Elder D. E. Robinson, one of Ellen White's secretaries from 1902 to 1915, reported:


The Bible says in Luke 18:13, " And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying , God be merciful to me a sinner ." And in Mark 11:25 , "And when ye stand praying , forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses." Once again, Mrs. White contradicted herself and the Bible.

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