MORE OF Ellen G. White's failed prophecies

"I have seen that the 1843 chart (William Miller's) was directed by the hand of the Lord and that it should not be altered that the figures were as he wanted them." (Early Writings, p.64, edition 1882). ( The chart mentioned predicted the end of the world in 1843 ).

Ellen White loses the vision : "In our frequent change of location in the earlier history of the publishing work, and I have crossed the plains no less than 17 times, I lost all trace of the first published works . And here I pause to state that any of our people having in their possession a copy of any or all of my first views, as published prior to 1851, will do me a great favor if they will send them to me without delay." (Selected Messages, Book 1, p.60).

E.G. White prophesied the world would end in 1843, 1844, 1845 and 1851 : "Now time is almost finished, (1851) and what we have been 6 years in learning they will have to learn in months." (Early Writings, p.57).

"I saw the state of the different churches since the second angel proclaimed their fall (in 1844). hey have been growing more and more corrupt. Satan has taken full possession of the churches as a body. Their professions, their prayers and their exhortations are an abomination in the sight of GOD." (Spiritual Gifts, Vol 1, p.189).

White blames her failed prophecy on the members of the Seventh-day Adventist church: "Thus the work was hindered, and the world was left in darkness. Had the whole Adventist body united upon the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, how widely different would have been our history." (Selected Messages, Book 1, p.299).

Concerning some of her revelations: "In one of her visions her accompanying angels told her that the time of salvation for all sinners ended in 1844 . She now claims the door of mercy is still open. In another vision she discovered that women should wear short dresses with pants and she and her sister followers dressed this way for eight years. But the ridiculous custom has now been abandoned." (Biederwolf, Seventh-Day Adventism, p.81).

She also affirms that her visits to heaven were easily made: After having left there during one of her visits an angel "handed me a green cord coiled up closely. This he directed me to place next to my heart, and when I wished to see Jesus, take from my bosom and stretch it to the utmost. He cautioned me not to let it remain coiled for any length of time lest it should become knotted and difficult to straighten."

"I was shown the company present at the Conference. Said the angel: Some food for worms, some subject to the last plagues, some will be alive and remain upon the earth to be translated at the coming of Jesus ." (Vol.1, p.131).

NOTE: This statement was made in 1856 and every one present in that meeting is now dead . Obviously, this was a false prophecy. Some SDA's, in trying to extricate themselves from the dilemma of this false statement, have argued that had God's people been faithful the Lord would have come long ago. But this excuse will not hold water, because God knew ahead of time what would happen. And Mrs. White made no conditions for the fulfillment of her prophecy. Her statement is plain and to the point.

"Thousands have been induced to enlist with the understanding that this war to exterminate slavery, but now that they are fixed, they find that they have been deceived, that the object of this war is not to abolish slavery, but to preserve it ." (Vol.1, pp.254,258).

NOTE: We know now that the Civil War in the USA did indeed abolish slavery. Mrs. White was wrong .

"Soon we heard the voice of God like many waters which gave us the day and hour of Jesus coming. When God spoke the time, He poured upon us the Holy Spirit." (Vol.1, p.59).

NOTE: In this reference Mrs. White claims that the Lord gave her the day and hour of His coming. In Matthew 24:36, Jesus said, " But of that day and hour knoweth no man , no, not the angels in heaven, but my Father only ." And, of course, we know today she was wrong because Jesus did not come when she expected Him.

On pages 42-45 of Early Writings , Mrs. White describes a closing of a door in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary , and an opening in the most holy place (in 1844), that the "midnight cry" was finished at the seventh month 1844 , (see p.43), that then was the "sealing time", and that the time for salvation for sinners had passed (p.45).

All the above statements have been proven false by the fact that Christ did NOT return to earth in 1844 . The " midnight cry" WAS NOT FINISHED IN 1844 , FOR THE BIBLE TEACHES THAT HE DID THIS AT HIS ASCENSION (See Hebrews 6:19 ; 9:24 ). The time for the salvation of sinners did NOT pass in 1844. If it did WE ARE in great trouble (LOST) TODAY!

Mrs. White taught that in the communion service the sisters should wash the feet of the brethren (Early Writings, p.117).

NOTE: Now this is considered so out of order that even SDA's do not follow this instruction.

Why Her Prophecies Failed?

"Thus the work was hindered, and the world was left in darkness. Had the whole Adventist body united upon the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, how widely different would have been our history." (Selected Messages, Book 1, p.299).

She blamed it on the Seventh-day Adventist church members!

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