(Part 2)



A squat little creature with a mashed-in face, bulbous eyes, and leathery skin, it is best described as a large, insect-like reptile (or reptile-like insect if you prefer). It's hardly what any normal human being would take a liking to. [One preacher stated that it reminded him more of an overgrown MAGGOT.] The messianic quality of E.T. is apparent in much that occurs in the film- even the duplication, to some degree, of Jesus' activities while He was on earth. E.T.'s ability to heal, levitate, read minds, utilize mind power to affect his circumstances, and instill life where there is death, are dramatically portrayed.

A close examination of the plot demonstrates a clear parallel
to the life of Jesus Christ.

Here is a person of countless eons, far wiser and more loving than any of earth, who leaves his home in space to spend time living among the people of earth. While here, he loves everyone, performs miracles of healing, and influences the thoughts of people. But most do not recognize or understand his presence. Finally, the government authorities begin closing in on him, seeking to seize him, but he dies. He is put in a coffin and mourned by his friends until suddenly a bolt of golden light strikes him and he is restored to life, resurrected. Then appealing to his "Captain" in the skies, he is shortly picked up by the spaceship and returned to his home in the heavens.

In exploring the parallels between E.T. and Christ finds that both are Messiah figures; both come from outside our world on temporary 'earthly' missions; both appeal to the underdog; are rejected by the authorities; die; rise from the dead; and ascend heavenward after leaving their mark on the hearts and minds of those who have come to love them."


A two page article entitled, "The Riddle of E.T." It is based upon a pamphlet written by Dr. Al Millar, called "E.T. - You're More Than A Movie Star." Dr. Millar points out numerous parallels between the attributes of the alien and the life of Jesus Christ. Millar states the following:

  1. E.T. had a prior extra-terrestrial existence.
  2. His early life on earth was 'submerged' or hidden.
  3. He came to little children.
  4. The three admirers (Elliott, Gertie, and Michael) knelt before him. This occurred when E.T. had run to the closet after being frightened by the little girl. (And can that really be a stained-glass window we see behind them?)
  5. E.T. had occasion to feel rejected and forsaken on earth.
  6. Groups of men pursued him carrying lights and weapons in the night. One thinks of Gethsemane here.
  7. He spun spheres in space in imitation of our solar system.
  8. He healed the physical pains of those who loved him.
  9. He caused a plant to wither. Matthew 21:19 says that Jesus caused a fig tree to be 'withered away.'
  10. E.T. wore a robe.
  11. And as he emerged from the van after regaining life, he is shrouded in white. The transfiguration of Jesus is described in terms of His 'white raiment' (Matthew 17:2).
  12. E.T. communicated with 'home.'
  13. He also was seen lying wounded and rejected.
  14. E.T.'s followers for a time denied his existence to others.
  15. Later, E.T. enjoyed absolute dedication from his followers. Many who had mocked the 'goblin' helped him reach 'home.'
  16. E.T. encountered much trouble from governmental authorities. In this case, U.S. Government rather than Roman or Hebrew.
  17. E.T. wept.
  18. He seemed the epitome of love, even returning the gifts of Elliott.
  19. E.T. had the capacity of defying gravity and could 'hold' others up with him. Peter's faith kept him above the waves with Jesus when He walked on the water.
  20. E.T. possessed a kind of E.S.P. He had a method of non-verbal communication that seemed to be a form of omniscience. He even knew he was going home at the time of his earthly death.
  21. While E.T. was suffering and dying, he called out, 'Mom.' Of course, she was Elliott's mother, but her name, interestingly enough, is Mary.
  22. E.T. died. And note that the doctor pronounced him dead at 15:36 (3:36 p.m.). It is especially significant to recall that the Gospels place the death of Jesus on the cross at some brief time after the 'ninth hour' (Matthew 27:45). The Hebrew day began at 6 a.m. so the ninth hour would have been 3 p.m.
  23. And it seems that E.T. had to die so that Elliott could live.
  24. But E.T. attained resurrection from death. Elliott declared, 'He's alive!'


"I was upset that I couldn't go with them," he recalled. (That is to go back with E.T. on the space ship) "When I returned to our home in the city, everything seemed unreal to me. Everything my parents, teachers and pastors told me was phony. I became agnostic and totally amoral."

Does God really care how cute E.T. is?
I believe He is more concerned with what E.T. has become for many: