When the King Shall Come

F.J. Crosby         Ira D. Sankey

O the weary night is waning, and the clouds are rolling by;
See, the long-expected morning now is dawning in the sky;
When from Zion's lofty mountain we shall hear the watchmen cry,
And rejoicing we shall gather when the King shall come.

When the ransomed of Jehovah, from the east and from the west,
Shall return with joy and gladness, to receive the promised rest,-
Then shall every tribe and nation out of every land be blessed,
And rejoicing they shall gather when the King shall come.

May He find us, when He cometh, faithful watchers day and night,
At our royal post of duty, with our armor shining bright;
May our lamps be trimmed and burning with a clear and steady light,
That rejoicing we may gather when the King shall come.


O Zion! O Zion! Great will be thy triumph when the King shall come;
O Zion! O Zion! Thou shalt be exalted when the King shall come.

Copyright, 1896, by The Biglow & Main Co.