Camp-Meeting Revival Songs

This collection of hymns and sacred songs has been gathered from various hymnals and songbooks dating from the mid-eighteen hundreds to the mid-nineteen hundreds, the period known as the Philadelphian age.

These are the songs that were sung by the millions during the days of the great revivals of D.L. Moody and Ira Sankey. Tens of thousands who walked Billy Sunday's sawdust trail did so to the pleas of salvation in the hymns represented here.

These are the hymns that were sung at the old-fashioned camp meetings of days gone by.

Represented here are the "forgotten" works of some of the greatest hymn writers the cause of Christ has ever known: Frances (Fanny) Jane Crosby, Ira Sankey, James McGranahan, Charles H. Gabriel, George C. Stebbins, Philip P. Bliss, and many others.

Regrettably, the vast majority of these songs will not be found in the hymnals of today. Those that are, in many cases, have had their words altered to reflect the watered-down "gospel" message of these last days.

God-honoring, Christ-centered, Heaven-minded, Soul-conscious hymns like these are not being written today. Therefore, we owe those who wrote them a great debt of gratitude. May their memory and that of the lives that were changed and the souls that were saved through their words and music, live on, through this webpage.

May these hymns stir your soul, bring a tear to your eye, bring you to your knees, put you closer to heaven and nearer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Every attempt has been made to give the proper credit to the authors of these hymns and the sources from which they were obtained.

Revival and Camp Meeting Songs

All Aboard The Gospel Train

All The Way to Calvary

Army of the Skies

Beyond the Shadows

Gather in the Golden Grain

Gather in the Sheaves

Going Home

Go Tell it to Jesus

Go Work Today

Hark! The Voice of Jesus

He Is Knocking

He Ransomed Me

He Tenderly Looked at Me

I Am Coming To The Cross

I Have Called Thee

I Know That Jesus Saves Me

I'm Laying My Treasure Up There

I'm the Child of the King

I Need Jesus

In The Shadow of the Rock 

I Shall Be Satisfied Then

I Shall See The King

Is He Yours?

Jesus Has Full Control

Jesus Has Taken Them All

Jesus Is A Friend Indeed 

Jesus Is Coming Again

Let Us Sing Again

Let Us Stand For Jesus

My Mother's Bible

Onward, Christian!

Ours is the Victory

Over the Way

Paul and Silas

Singing on the Way 

Some Day We're Going Home

Some Sweet Day 

Speak For Jesus 

Tell Somebody

The End of the Road 

The Heart That Was Broken For Me 

The Old Altar Rail

Thou Art My Rock

Volunteers for Jesus

Where the Gates Swing Outward Never

Whosoever Shall Call

Will You Be There?


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