1 Timothy 4-13 - give attendance tand doctrine.

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How to Be Sure of Heaven
God's plan of salvation
The Bible
Many wonderful things about the Bible as the Book of books
The Bible and Science
Creation vs Evolution
Interesting Things about Coming Events
Cults and False Doctrines
What they teach and why it is wrong
For Preachers
Helps for the preacher and many articles on various topics
Leadership and Motivation
Inspiring sermons, illustrations and stories
Christian Victory and Growth
Practical helps for the Christian
Proverbs 31
A section just for the ladies
American Heritage
American Heritage
Family Values
Family Values
Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions
Children's Ministery
Children's Ministery
Hymns of the Faith
A collection of great revival and camp-meeting songs
not found in today's hymnals
Stories That Build Character
Family-oriented stories collected for over 30 years
plus many from the turn of the century
Facts and Trivia
Interesting miscellaneous tidbits
Good clean fun for the whole family

How to Be Sure of Heaven

God's plan of salvation

Cults and False Doctrines

Atheism vs God  The Atheist's Creed Changed 
What Jehovah's Witnesses
Will NOT Tell You
Did Jesus die on the Cross or a Stake? 
Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses
by Dr. M. Todd
Nauvoo - Behind the Veil (Mormon)
(Don't miss this) 
Jehovah's False Witnesses in Ukraine  Roman Catholic & Orthodox Church 
Islam and the Gospel  Twenty Differences Between
Acts 2 and 1Corinthian Tongues
by Dr. M. Todd
Ten Problems with Present-Day
Tongues Movement
by Evangelist Ron Hood
A Biblical Comparsion Chart Between Jesus and Mary
by Dr. M. Todd & Susan Todd
Calvin and Calvinism Problems with Present-day Calvinism
by Evangelist Ron Hood
Foreknowledge, Election, Predestination
by Dr. Mark Camron
Religion Can Be Dangerous
SDA - Truth or Fable
by Dr. Michael Todd
Fifty Things That You Should Know
About Tongues and Healing
by James L. Melton
A Comparison Of Mormon Teachings
With Real Christianity
The Diary Of An Armageddon Survivor 
Enchanter and Charmers
by Pastor Art Kohl
Can a Devout Muslim Be
an American Patriot and Loyal Citizen?
Joel Osteen:
The Prosperity Gospel's Coverboy
By Jackie Alnor
A Roman Catholic Testimony
By Earl Payne
"Facts" Mormons Won't Tell You
When They Call at Your Door
New Gospel of Judas
Fails Basic Bible Test
Indulgences Granted
For Worship of Mary
More "Facts" Mormons Won't Tell You Up Front
Professor Threatened For Exposing
Contradictions In The Book Of Mormon
Sabbath Keeping
The Faith Of Millions
by Dr. Michael Todd
The Sword Of The Prophet
by Serge Trifkovic
Top 25 Worship Songs Shared Alike
With Roman Catholic and Southern Baptists
Vatican and WCC Want to Cure
Soul Winners' 'Obsession'
Who Do Catholics Really Worship? Would You Trust Satan's Brother?
by David W. Daniels
How Breweth Java With Jesus
By Damien Cave
The Ten Planks of the Communist Party
The Gospel Of Judas Fails Basic Bible Test SDA Abuse Facts
List Of Catholic Heresies Allah Or Jesus?
Mega Church Mania Charismatics And Tongues
British Are Most Spied On  

For Preachers

Angels - Who and What are They? Eternal Security of the Believer
by Dr. M. Todd
Is Jesus Christ God?
by Dr. M. Todd
Pointers on Preaching
by Dr. M. Todd
"Under the Sun"
by Billy Sunday

(Read This Outstanding Sermon)
The Sin That Has Taken The Shout
by Oliver Green
The Sabbath
by Clarence Larkin
by Billy Sunday
Unusual Facts Related to
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
by Eric W. Hayden
Whar Sin Kum Frum?
By John Jasper
Sermons Likely to Win Souls
by Charles Spurgeon
Seven Facts about Heaven
by Harold Sightler
The Four Hallelujahs
by Harold Sightler
Where The Worm Dieth Not
by Oliver Green
Word Study
by D. L. Moody
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
by Harold Sightler
The Accuser of the Brethren
by Dr. J. B. Buffington
The Foolishness of Preaching
The Power of the Holy Ghost
by C. H. Spurgeon
Ten Ways To Help Your Pastor,
Your Church, and Yourself
By Ron Hood
Open-air Preaching
By Charles H. Spurgeon
How Did the Star of David Originate?
Camps or Christ?
By Pastor Art Kohl
Tolerance & Toleration
By Dr. Michael E. Todd
Three Major Signs - Demonic Invasion Is the Trinity Really in the Bible?
By Dr. Michael E. Todd
The Battle for the Mind
by Jesse Penn Lewis
A Call For Thought Purity
How Old is Your Church? Sword and Tears
Two Requisites for Today's Prophet

by Ernest Tatham 
How Do You Feel?
by Dr. Michael E. Todd
The Battle for the Mind
Plymouth Crusader
The Filling of the Holy Spirit
By Moody Adams
10 Comparsion Between Jesus Christ
And Stephen the First Martyr
Accidents, Not Punishments Christian Love
By D.L. Moody
Enduement for Service
By D.L. Moody
The Just Shall Live by Faith
By Lester Roloff
Heroism What Is Death?
by Evangelist Lester Roloff
The Truth About The Second Blessing
by Dr. Michael E. Todd
The Blessed Book
By Lester Roloff
Something Everybody Can Do
By Lester Roloff
Danger of Hate Speech Laws
Becoming Apparent
For The Record
By Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D.
Adoniram Judson's
Rules of Life
Advice to Missionary Candidates
by Adoniram Judson
Dr. Law and Dr. Grace
Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh
by Adoniram Judson
Similarities and Differences
Between The Mafia And Christianity
Is The Red Sea Red
Or Is It The Reed Sea?
Capital Punishment:
Three Good Reasons
for Supporting the Death Penalty

Christian Victory and Growth

(Going through trials? Read this)
How to Live for God
By Oswald J. Smith, Litt. D.
by Pastor Art Kohl
No Excuses
Steps for Spiritual Growth
By Dr. Michael E. Todd
Soul Winner's Manual
By Dr. Michael E. Todd
Please Don't Wake Him
(Good illustration)
Five conditions of prevailing prayer
by George Mueller
Personal Revival The Christian's Warfare
by D.L. Moody
The Filling of the Holy Spirit
By Moody Adams
God or Mammon
By James W. Knox
The Richest Family in Our Church TV Addiction
Grace in Judgment
by David F. Reagan
I Corinthians 13:4-8 (The Love Chapter)  How to Get Along with
Those You Dislike in the Church
Power in Prayer
by C.H. Spurgeon 
12 Areas to Be Tested
at the Judgment Seat of Christ
God Keeps His Word Rescue And Recovery
by Brother Mike Althaus
Loose Lips Sink Ships
By Victoria Thacker
Miss Church And Miss Out!
What's Right With the Church? How Christians Hinder The Holy Spirit
The Believers Obligation to Love
By Pastor Arthur F. Kohl
Characteristics of Evil Spirits
Hudson Taylor's
Essentials for the Missionary
We say, God says
Love is Sixteen Decisions
by Pastor Art Kohl
Should Every Christian Win Souls?
By Dr. Michael E. Todd
Sins of the Tongue Pride Is Not A Virtue, It Is A Sin!
by Pastor Art Kohl
True Revival Do You Love the Lord This Much?
Five Gold Buttons My Banner Will Be Clear
Seven Disciplines to Victorious Living
by Pastor Arthur F. Kohl
The Christian's Checklist
By Steve Sturgeon
Lest We Forget Others May - You May Not
A Father's Parting Words Why Are Men So Angry Today?
by Pastor Art Kohl
I Am A New Christian
What Do I Do Now?
No Thanksgiving
Eternal Retribution:
Suppose It's True After All?
by Pastor Art Kohl
Aw, Mom, Do I Have To Go To Church?
by Pastor Art Kohl
A Soldier's Observation
by Kenneth "Skip" Mackey
A Father's Parting Words
A Beautiful Prayer A Lesson From James A. Garfield
Whose Shoes Are You Walking In? Been Thinking About Profanity
Faithfulness Means Being "On Time" Out Of The Mouth Of The Dragon
Setting Television Viewing Standards What Your Appearance Says About You
A Revealing Look At Modesty My Name Is Gossip

Children's Ministry

The Calling
By Roger Fields
"What is a Child?"
By Mathew Orlando
Spurgeon's Advice on Working with Children The Sunday School Teacher
Ever have one of those days? Information, Please
"Pa, is your soul insured?" Reasons Not to Argue With a Child
Thoughts about Teaching We Are Responsible